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Our Teachers

Gochen Tulku Sang ngag Rinpoche


Rinpoche is vajra master, founder and spiritual director of Ewam International centers around the world. He was born in 1952 in Chamdo, which is located in the Kham region of Tibet. In early childhood Rinpoche was recognized as the reincarnation of Gochen Tulku by the great rimé master Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö (1893-1959), as well as by the former Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. Gochen Tulku is an incarnation of Gyelwa Chokyang, one of the 25 heart disciples of Guru Rinpoche.


His family was one of the oldest in Tibet, known by the name Namchak, which means 'sky iron'. The Namchak family was responsible for maintaining Namchak Ritrö, the local monastery of Chumbo that was the historical hermitage of the great terchen Tsasum Lingpa. The third and fourth incarnations of Tsasum Lingpa were successively reborn into the Namchak family. It was Tsasum Lingpa who first predicted and named the site for Gochen Monastery, which was then built by the first Gochen Tulku, Gyalwa Gyatso.


Rinpoche, an outstanding meditation master and scholar, is a lineage holder of the Namchak lineage as well as one of the primary prophesied custodians and lineage holders of Terchen Pegyal Lingpa's fresh termas the Kusum Gongdue and Khandro Gongdue as well as many other profound and widely practiced lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. Rinpoche is also widely regarded as a master stupa builder. He has established Turquoise Leaf, a practice center for Tibetan nuns in Nepal and Silguri, India.


Rinpoche’s vision of a peace garden in a mountainous valley came to him as a small child; eventually it led him to Montana to build the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, a sacred pilgrimage site and Buddhist center. His primary residence is in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he established the retreat and practice center, Pema Khandro Ling.

Rinpoche has been making annual visits to Ewam Kusum Ling since 2013. Helping us to establish our center and bestowing the empowerments and cycles of both Namchak Tsasum Lingpa and Terchen Pegyal Lingpa. 

*rimé - representing all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism

Drupon Lama Karma


Retreat master Drupon Lama Karma was born in the Tashi Yangtse region of Eastern Bhutan near Pemaling, a sacred hidden site of Padmasambhava. For many years Drupon'engaged in rigorous spiritual training and strict retreats under the guidance of his root teachers Terchen Pegyal Lingpa Rinpoche and the prophesized Dharma holder, Lama Naljorpa Rinpoche.


His retreat experience includes eight months at Long-Nying Choling Monastery; three years at Tashi Yangtse Charnel Ground; two years at the snow peak of Pema Ling, the sacred site of Guru Rinpoche; two years at Sengye Dzong; six years at Phurpaling; and three years as a retreat Master at Paro Pema Yangdzong retreat center. He continues with three months strict retreat annually in addition to teaching and presiding over various drupchens and drupchods in Pedgyal Lingpa affiliated monasteries in Bhutan.


Drupon is renowned as a genuine retreat master throughout Bhutan and has been one of the most important Bhutanese lamas to maintain the tradition of Terchen Pegyal Lingpa. He served as Pegyal Lingpa’s scribe and attendant for many years. In 1988 Drupo bestowed the oral transmission of Pegyal Lingpa’s Kusum Gongdue for many Tulkus, Lamas and devotees while the empowerments were offered by the Terchen himself. Since Pegyal Lingpa’s parinirvana Drüpon continues to serve his root master’s lineage by disseminating his teachings. Today his students include many tulkus, khenpos, lamas and lay practitioners in Bhutan, primarily practicing within the Kusum Gongdue Tradition. He still continues as retreat master in one of Pegyal Lingpa’s main centers, Pema Yangdzong Monastery in Paro, Bhutan. Drupon Lama Karma is of invaluable benefit to the many committed Buddhist practitioners who remain in retreat guided by his experience garnered over six decades.

Khenpo Ugyen Wangchuk


Khenpo has studied and practiced Buddhism since the age of 7. In 2001 he completed a nine-year course in Buddhist studies, receiving a Master’s degree (MA) in Buddhist Philosophy from the Nyingma Institute Taktse. After completing his studies he taught for several years and then, due to his exceptional scholarly ability, was appointed to be the Principal of the Nyingma Institute. In 2006, the title of Khenpo (equivalent to a PhD) was conferred upon him. An expert in the teachings and ritual practices of the Kusum Gongdue, Khenpo has been of invaluable service to Ewam and Ewam Kusum Ling, teaching and guiding students of all levels here in the West and at his centers in Taiwan and Bhutan. Khenpo has worked tirelessly to support and uphold the lineage of Terchen Pegyal Lingpa and been instrumental in bringing together huge yearly programs for Tulku Sang ngag Rinpoche at Ewam India. 


Ewam Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

Arlee, Montana 

Ewam International

Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism

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